Homestay FAQs

Homestay Frequently Asked Questions

What is Student Hosting?

It is a student living overseas with a host family and attending the local high school.

It is living the life of a teenager in another country.

It is immersing oneself in a different culture and developing tolerance.

It is gaining an understanding of new ways of life and people.

Often, it is learning a new language. Most of all, it is fun!

Hosting a student encourages the family to see their country through the eyes of the exchange student, to visit new places and revisit old favourites, to teach our local customs and language, to have lots of fun and, most important of all, to gain a new family member and friend for life.

Experiencing a foreign language and culture in your own home is the next best thing to living overseas.

Can we choose our host student?

Yes, if you prefer to host a male or female student. Our primary aim is to find someone who will integrate easily into your family – someone who enjoys your family’s interests and way of life.

What is the host student's role in my family?

Treat your host student as a member of the family, sharing fun and duties, privileges and responsibilities.

How much does my family have to adapt and change?

There will be some adjustments as your family includes the newcomer in your daily life and everyone learns new patterns, relationships and ways of doing things.

Will our host student need his/her own bedroom?

No. Many share with a member of their host family of the same gender.

How long will our host student stay?

It depends on the tour program that you choose to participate in. VS Oceania programs vary in length from 3 to 14 days.

What support will we get?

Your VS Oceania provides an orientation as well as arranges support people for you and your host student. We will also organise activities to help you and your host student enjoy and benefit from your time together.

What if we have problems and don't get along?

This is where your VS Oceania support contact can help. We will work with you and your participant to improve the relationship. If these steps are not successful and problems remain, a host family substitute can be arranged.

Who is responsible for our hosted student?

Natural parents remain the legal guardians. VS Oceania oversees the safety and welfare of the participant. Your responsibility is for day-to-day living. You have support from VS Oceania and 24-hour emergency access to VS Oceania support contacts. VS Oceania communicates with natural parents through our network of partner organisations overseas.

Where will our host student go to school?

Depending on the program, your VS Oceania will arrange a place at the nearest appropriate school, having negotiated fees, related expenses and their payment. VS Oceania students are required to attend school full-time.

What happens during school holidays?

Your student can be included in what your family or other VS Oceania members are doing or something organised by friends and approved by you, VS Oceania and the student’s natural parents.

Are host families compensated? What expenses do we cover?

Host families receive payment from VS Oceania in advance. You are expected to offer your host student(s) a warm welcome, love and support. You are also expected to pay for their food and daily costs, much as you do for any family member. You are not expected to provide expensive ‘extras’.

What expenses does our student cover?

Host students normally bring a certain amount of spending money for personal costs and extras. Host students supply his/her own clothing and toiletries.

What about medical insurance?

Host students pay to be covered by Overseas Student Health Cover and this reimburses you for any shortfall (except for pre-existing conditions and routine dental and eye care which are the responsibility of the student's legal guardian or natural parents). 

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